IGERT is an NSF-wide program intended to catalyze a cultural change in graduate education by establishing innovative new models for graduate education and training in a fertile environment for collaborative research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The University of Puerto Rico’s IGERT program aims to train Ph.D. students to apply an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to environmental problems in urbanizing, tropical landscapes. Puerto Rico has a dynamic environmental history, suffering nearly complete deforestation, then enjoying forest recovery, and then experiencing urban sprawl as the economy modernized. This last shift produced environmental problems, overlaid by changes in climate and vulnerability to catastrophic storms making Puerto Rico an ideal place to conduct integrative research.

Program Director - Rafael Rios, Chair Environmental Sciences, rafaelrios00936@yahoo.com


Jess Zimmerman, College of Natural Science, jesskz@ites.upr.edu

Nickolas Brokaw, College of Natural Science, nvbrokaw@ites.upr.edu

Maritza Barreto, College of Social Science, maritzabarretoorta@gmail.com

Alonso Ramirez, College of Social Science, aramirez@ramirezlab.net

Program CoordinatorBrenda Santiagocetpbrenda@hatmail.com