Research Highlights

REU at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Summer 2008 - Jennifer Toledo, UPR-RP Environmental Science Program



I worked with a multidisciplinary group of students and faculty to study the changes the local marine ecosystem has undergone through time (since Plio-Pleostocene to modern times) and how humans have impacted this environment.  In addition, I conducted an individual project on the impact of anthropogenic influences on the rank-order abundance of live and death assemblages of sea grass-associated mollusks.

Being the only Puertorican in this group and one of the two Hispanics who participated in this internship, It was difficult for me to reach out plus I had never been exposed to scientific research.  But as days passed by I knew that nothing was impossible: I was there to acquire knowledge, to learn how to conduct a research and above all, to become a better student and professional.

This gratifying experience has not only enriched my skills, it opened the doors to present my research at the Geological Society of America in St. Petersburg, FL and a possible first author publication.

Poster presentation at Geological Society of America at St. Petersburg, Florida.

Posted by: Loretta Roberson