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Special student projects in Environmental Science at UPRRP

Student documentary - Garbage: Trash or Treasure?

By Brenda Castro and Jomara Laboy


Environmental Sciences Program

This documentary addresses the different perspectives on the issue of solid waste management in Puerto Rico. The government has tried to impose various options tosolve what they call problems. For many this is not a problem but a treasure which feeds them, houses them and protects them. The trash has different stories and perspectives in this short documentary called: Garbage: Problem or Treasure?

This documentary, produced, directed, filmed, and edited entirely by the environmental science students Brenda Castro and Jomara Laboy,  was made as part of the UPR-RP IGERT Science Filmmaking Workshop lead by Jeff Morales and Colin Bates, at UPR Rio Piedras, May 22-31, 2011. Support was provided by UPRRP IGERT and the Environmental Sciences program at UPRRP. The documentary can be viewed directly on YouTube by going to:

Brenda Castro