Xiaoming Zou

(Full Professor),













Academic Background: Ph.D., Forest Ecology and Soil Ecology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.

Research Interests: Soil Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Biodiversity; Biogeochemistry and Ecology of Tropical Soils

Enphasis in biotic processes regulating the stabilization and destabilization of soil organic carbon; the roles of plants in creating soil heterogeneity.

Previuos research projects: Earthworm Ecology, Soil Organic Carbon

Current research: Fire Disturbance, Plant Diversity, Fibonacci Structure in Forests

Courses taughtBiogeochemistry (Grad), Introduction to Ecology, Ecology Laboratory Coordinator.

Service and other projects: International Collaboration with Nanjing Forestry University and Shengyang Agricultural University in China

Contact info:

Lab building name and suite number: FB basement Room 005

Office building name and suite number: AFB, 2nd Floor, Room 2008

Phone Extension or other phone: x-88230

Email: xzou2011@gmail.com;

Curriculum Vita: Xiaoming.Zou.pdf

Recent Publications:

Li, L. G., J. Vogel, Z. L. He, X. M. Zou, H. H. Ruan, W. Huang, J. S. Wang, T. S. Blanchi. 2016. Association of soil aggregation with the distribution and quality of organic carbon in soil along an elevation gradient on Wuyi Mountain in China. Plos One 11(3): e0150898. dii: 10.1371/journal.pone.0150898.

Montti, L., M. Ayup, R Aragón, W. L. Qi, H. H. Ruan, R. Fernández, H. R. Grau, and X. M. Zou. 2016. Herbivory and the success of Ligustrum lucidum (Aiton): evidence from a comparison between native and novel ranges. Australian Journal of Botany 64: 181–192.

Wang, X. L., X.L. Wang, W. X. Zhang, Y. H. Shao, T. Liu, L. X. Zhou, S. Z. Wan, X. Q. Rao, Z. A. Li, X. M. Zou, and S. L. Fu. 2016. Invariant community structure of soil bacteria between subtropical coniferous and broadleaved forests. Scientific Report, in press.

Shi, L. L., H. Z. Zhang, T. Liu, W. X. Zhang, Y. H. Shao, D. L. Ha, Y. Q. Li, C. M. Zhang, X. A. Cai, X. G. Rao, Y. B. Lin, L. X. Zhou, P. Zhao, Q. Ye, X. M. Zou, S. L. Fu. 2016. Consistent effects of canopy vs. understory nitrogen addition on the soil exchangeable cations and microbial community in two contrasting forests. Science of the Total Environment 553: 349–357.

Huang, W., W. H. McDowell, X. M. Zou, H. H. Ruan, J. S. Wang, Z. L. Ma. 2015. Qualitative differences in headwater stream dissolved organic matter and riparian water-extractable soil organic matter under four different vegetation types along an altitudinal gradient in the Wuyi Mountains of China. Applied Geochemistry 52: 67–75.

Shi, L. L., P. E. Mortimer, J. W. F. Slik, X. M. Zou, J. C. Xu, W. T. Feng, and L. Qiao. 2014. Variation in forest soil fungal diversity along a latitudinal gradient. Fungal Diversity 64: 305-315.

Qiao, N., D. A. Schaefer, E. Blagodatskaya, X. M. Zou, X. L. Xu, and Y. Kuzyakov. 2014. Labile carbon retention compensates for CO2 released by priming in forest soils. Global Change Biology 20:1943-1954.

Qiao, L., D. A. Schafer, X. M. Zou. 2014. Variations in net litter nutrient input associated with tree species influence on soil nutrient contents in a subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest. Chinese Science Bulletin 59: 46-53.