Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program, the applicant must fulfill the requirements detailed below. Required documentation must be submitted using the Graduate Admissions process of the Graduate Studies and Research Deanship of UPRRP ( on or before the deadline established for admission to the program in order to be considered by the members of the Environmental Sciences Program Committee of Graduate Affairs. The requirements are:

A Bachelor's of Science degree (or its equivalent) with a major in Environmental Sciences or majoring in Biology, Computational Science, General Science, Physics, Mathematics, or Chemistry from a renowned university. Students that do not have a Bachelors degree in Environmental Sciences may be admitted conditionally until approval of the undergraduate Introduction to Environmental Sciences course with a minimum grade of B during their first semester. This does not apply to students who have taken the course as part of their Bachelors degree.

Students with a Bachelors from an accredited university but not majoring in any of the previously mentioned disciplines, can apply for admission to the graduate program once they have approved the following requirements with a minimum 3.0 grade point average: one year of General Biology, one year of General Chemistry, the Calculus I course, one year of Physics with Calculus, the Statistics course for science majors and the Introduction to Environmental Sciences course. However, satisfactory approval of these courses does not guarantee admission to the program.

A minimum general grade point average of 3.00 (on a scale of 0-4) and a minimum grade point average in science of 3.0 at the undergraduate level.

Submit two official copies of their most recent academic transcript.

Submit three letters of recommendation from professors with whom they have taken science courses.

Submit the results from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Exam for Graduate Study Admission (PAEG) or evidence of having taken these exams.

Have adequate knowledge of English and Spanish in both written and oral form.

Submit the results from the TOEFL exam (foreign students only).

Attend an interview, if required by the Admissions Committee.

In special situations, the Program's Graduate Affairs Committee may award conditional admission to students with a Bachelor's of Science (or its equivalent) from an accredited university, but who for some reason do not fulfill one of the admission requirements, including the required grade point average. Conditionally admitted students must fulfill all of the requirements of the Program's retention index (and any other imposed by the Committee depending on the case) and their continuation in the Program will be evaluated at the end of the second semester of their conditional admission.