Alonso Ramírez

Full Professor

Academic Background: Ph.D., Ecology, Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia, 2001.

Research Interests:

  • Stream ecology
  • stream ecosystem responses to urbanization
  • ecology of aquatic insects and the role they play in ecosystems
  • taxonomy and systematic of aquatic insects, with emphasis on immature stages or larvae.

    Current research: Stream ecology in natural and urban environments. Structure and function of Urban and non-Urban Streams


    Service and other Projects: Director at El Verde Field Station and Director of REU in Tropical Ecology and Conservation.


  • Limnology (Grad + Undergrad)
  • Aquatic Entomology (Grad + Undergrad)
  • Urban Environments (Grad)
  • Biostatistics (Grad)
  • Topics in Modern Biology (Grad)
  • Introduction to Ecology (Undergrad)

    Contact info:

    Lab building name and suite number: Facundo Bueso, lab 02

    Office building name and suite number:  Anexo Facundo Bueso, office 207

    Phone Extension or other phone: ext. 88194

    Lab Webpage link:

    Curriculum Vita: CV_Alonso Ramírez.PDF

    Recent Publications:

    Roy, A.H., K.A. Capps, R.W. El-Sabaawi, K.L. Jones, T.B. Parr, A. Ramírez, R.F. Smith, C.J. Walsh, & S.J. Wenger. 2016. Urbanization and stream ecology: diverse mechanisms of change. Freshwater Science 35(1):272–277.

    Capps, K. A. C.N. Bentsen, A. Ramírez. 2016. Poverty, urbanization, and environmental degradation: urban streams in the developing world. Freshwater Science 35(1):429–435.

    Ramírez, A., M. Ardón, M. M. Douglas, & M. A. S. Graça. 2015. Tropical freshwater sciences: an overview of ongoing tropical research. Freshwater Sciences 34(2): 606-608.

    Ramírez, A., K.G. Rosas, A. Lugo, O. Ramos-González. 2014. Spatio-temporal variation in stream water chemistry in a tropical urban watershed. Ecology and Society 19(2): 45.

    Ramírez, A. & P.E. Gutiérrez-Fonseca. 2014. Estudios sobre macroinvertebrados acuáticos en América Latina: avances recientes y direcciones futuras. Revista de Biología Tropical 62(Sup.2): 9-20.