As part of the UPR-RP IGERT Program we have a number of activities throughout the year that relate to our overarching theme: Natural-Human Systems in the Urbanizing Tropics.  If you have ideas on potential activities that we could do as a group please send an email to Colibrí at uprrp.igert@gmail.com

Below are lists of activities that occur annually and are requirement for all fellows.  Click on the name and you can see a summary and photos of past activities.

August Orientation (~first/second week of August before classes start)

IGERT Retreat (~second week of January before classes start)

As a fellow you are also expected to have an active participation in IGERT Seminar Series and Discussion Groups.  You can find information on past seminars series and discussion groups in the left menu bar.

The Seminar Series are usually once a month and they are integrated into the Tuesday Environmental Science Department Seminar.  When we have invited speakers from outside the Island we expect fellows to have an active participation in 'social' activities (lunch, field trips) that are organized with the invitee.

Discussion Groups are organized each semester by two fellows with collaboration of the IGERT coordinator. They are typically small groups composed of students and faculty.  The themes are diverse and method of presentation also varies (seminar, video, article discussion, etc...).

Below are forms and documents related to the IGERT Program:

IGERT Library- list of books and availability

UPR-RP IGERT Student and Faculty Handbook

Protocol to purchase equipment and materials

Protocol to receive funding for student travel

Below are forms and documents related to the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program (ES)

ES Graduate Program Regulations (PDF)

Word documents: Form 1Form 2Form 3Form 4Form 5Form 6Form 7

ES Registration Document

Forms and Documents related to the UPR:

Laptop/Internet Registration

Direct Deposit