How to apply

Following is a list of steps the student must complete to apply for admission to the University of Puerto Rico

1. Fill out the admission application
The admission application can be completed in two ways:

Note: It is important that the student fill out only one admission application! You have the opportunity to select three study alternatives, which could be in the same Campus or in different Campuses. Make sure to not indicate the same program in the same Campus more than once because you’d be limiting your study options.

2. The application for Admission to the University of Puerto Rico System has a cost of $20 and it is without reimbursement.

3. Take the following “College Entrance Examination Board” tests:

For more information about the College Board, you can access the following web page:

It is also allowed to take the test in English known as the SAT, offered by the College Board. In this case, you should also take the following aptitude SAT II tests: English (Literature or Writing), Mathematics – Level IC4 or IIC4, and Spanish (Reading). The test known as ELPT is not an equivalent to the SAT II, which is why it is not accepted for admission to the UPR. For more information about the SAT, you can go to the following web page:

4. Request the College Board to send the test results to the Admissions Office of the unit that you applied to as first study choice.

The tests results expire after five years. It is important that the information included in the admission application to the UPR be the same as the one you submitted in the College Board or SAT application. In case of discrepancies, the results of the tests will not show up as received in the Acknowledgement of Receipt that the UPR will send you.

5. Process to send official transcripts in the high school where you study, no later tan January 29th.

6. Submit Graduation Certification with the authorizing signature from your school.

In case of being admitted, you will receive this certification as part of the admission documents. Make sure to take it to your school for the required signature and turn it into the Admissions Office of the Campus you have been admitted to.

If you have graduated from a high school outside of Puerto Rico or the United States, you must complete the following additional requirements:

  • Submit evidence of diplomas and titles received together with a certification indicating that the institution has official recognition by the government of the country of origin.
  • Process the degree equivalence in the Department of Education.
  • Evidence availability of economic resources to study in Puerto Rico.
  • Process at the precedence school the sending of an official explanatory report about the grading system used to evaluate the academic performance, about the content and the level of the courses taken and the number of hours that each subject covers.