Admission Requirements

Freshman students must have an IGS equal or more than the IGS established for the Program in the solicited academic year. In the last 5 years, the minimum IGS for admission to the Program has fluctuated around 310. The Natural Sciences Faculty also has an admission process for students that do not have the established IGS but show a potential in research evidenced by their portfolio and an interview. The admission is subject to the space availability of the Program in the solicited year.

International Students

If you graduated from a High School OUTSIDE of Puerto Rico or the United States, you must comply with the following additional requirements:

1. Submit evidence of diplomas and titles received together with a certification indicating that the Institution has official recognition from the government of the country of origin.
2. Work with the Department of Education for a degree equivalence.
3. Evidence of economic resources to study in Puerto Rico.

Work with your home institution for the delivery of an official explanatory report about the qualification system used to evaluate the academic achievements, about content and level of the courses taken and the amount of hours for each subject.

Admission Criteria for the University of Puerto Rico

The admission process to the University of Puerto Rico requires that the student coming from a High School presents evidence of the College Board aptitude tests, in addition to the cumulative grade point average during high school. If you took the Advanced Placement tests in Spanish, English and Mathematics, these should be submitted with the purpose of placing the student in the corresponding courses to these subjects.

Special Admissions

Bilingual Initiative for Hispanic Students: For information about a special initiative for Latin students situated in the United States that require help making the English to Spanish transition, you can access the following web page and click on the Bilingual Initiative link:

Admission by Exceptional Abilities and Talents: - The University of Puerto Rico acknowledges the need to facilitate admission to a limited number of students based on exceptional abilities and talents. The admission application provides the space so you can specify your interest in being considered into this type of admission. In these cases, a minimum high school GPA of 2.00 and the College Board test results are required. Also, the applying students must have an IGS of no more tan 20 points below the IGS required for the program of interest. The selection of these students is very competitive, and the institution's interests and academic offers available in the campus to which is being applied are taken into consideration.

Home Schooled Students. If you have graduated in your home, you should indicate so in your admission application with the code 3934. It is required to present the results of the College Admission Tests and notarize the Home Schooled Student Certification document. For more information about the admission criteria for Home Schooled Students you can write to: